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Who We Are ?

Guru Design Corp is headquartered in Cleveland Ohio first launched it’s business in 2008 our slogan is Technology design for the people. bringing cost-effective and time-saving software to the digital video community. We develop software for digital publishing to tablets and smartphones, and creative software for animations in Flashreg; and HTML5, video creation and more. Guru design Corp has now focus it’s attention to the digital publishing format.With the increase of smart phones and tablets, you don’t want to be left in the cold without an APP. We at Guru Design Corp. can create you your very own APP at a reasonable rate for usage in today’s mobile world! Whether it is for Android, Apple (iPhone and iPad), Blackberry, Samsung, or Windows 8, we’ve got you covered. We can create an APP that can be available to everyone or just you and your company. Get ahead of your competition! Turn your idea into a mobile reality!


Steadfast towards excellence to transform outsourcing services and be the cause for: Growth of Businesses We are Dealing with. Growth of Customers we are working for. Growth of Teams we are working with. Growth of Employees we are hiring.


Our mission is to deliver endless Growth centric benefits to our customers. And that’s why at KBIHM, we diligently work and focus on learning new business strategies in order to provide innovative and pioneering IT Consulting Services. Also, we have been investing extensively in learning latest market trends and technologies to gain expertise for handling complex processes, and then translating its knowledge into creative business solutions; maximizing customer profit and minimizing operational risks.


Our value proposition is to ensure and deliver high quality and low cost efficient technology enabled business solutions to customers, and employ people who are passionate about their career and treat technologies as their hobbies.




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