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Step 1

Getting to know you and your idea: we inquire in detail what is your goal and any ideas you have got on how to achieve it. We believe in work together with you to get a brief of project and then choose the best way to get it done. Normally we will be in touch with our clients through email, skype, phone and other modern mediums of communication. So if you are planning to hire us, it’s time to explore your idea with us.


Step 2

This is the stage where you will get know about project scope, technical requirement and time to implement it. We set key milestones for every stage and we get confirmation for every tasks before final implementation. So no work goes ahead without your approval.


Step 3

Everything we have discussed with you about your requirement from beginning is getting a shape at this stage. Using what we have learned from you, your industry, your targeted audience, your competitors, we give a face to your idea.


Step 4

Once the design is ready, the development process gets on wheel. In the development process, visual layout of your mobile app, website and software goes in safe and innovative hands of our technical experts. Our team makes your idea to work. Here the main motive of our experts is to build a project that looks beautiful and work smoothly.

Evolution of design

When the client comes to us with their version of the scenario, we analyze the scenario and give specific steps to take for going forward. If the steps are unpalatable to the clients, we still abide by them.


The embryonic stage of the idea and its conception before birth.

Develop the prototype

Having isolated the idea, develop the modus operandi of the design.

Evolve the solution

The working of the solution and its modification phase.

Review and Redesign

The entire branding concept to be reworked if necessary and redesigned

Statistical Data Analysis

Advanced data mining techniques and predictions

The advent of computers and internet has revolutionized the research methodology and brought in the need for sophisticated interpretation of reports using statistical software.

  • Data Clustering
  • Analysing Dimension
  • Association
  • Sequential patterns
  • Extract and maintain data
  • Store and analyze