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How project management outsourcing can work for your business…

Outsourcing some of the workload is no longer just the preserve of large corporations. Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) can also benefit from outsourcing portions of their software development to a third party. Not everyone in business can afford to hire an army of staff, which is why outsourcing can be so appealing

Have you found yourself faced with any of the following doubts in recent times? Are my resources being utilized effectively?

Are my current resources capable of supporting new technology? Is there a quicker, more effective method to handle processes? Does my team have the operational expertise to do the task assigned? Are we working at optimum costs? If you are asking yourself the question ‘why should I outsource’, consider the following top reasons for outsourcing cited by companies that have successfully made outsourcing work for them

Focus on core functions: Companies that outsource software development to dedicated experts are more capable of focusing on their core competency.

One time applications:Companies often need to build one time applications. Such ad hoc or one time applications will require high manpower resources and companies find that they are faced with the need to ramp up in relatively short time spans. Outsourcing such needs is the best solution for companies that want to avoid expensive outlays for the short term.

Accelerate migration to new technology: Migrating to newer technologies allows companies to make better use of their investments and enjoy enhanced productivity and quality. Companies with outsourced IT processes are better enabled to migrate to new technologies with minimum downtime and productivity disruption.

Enhance risk management: At Guru Design Corp we are fanatical about security and best practice. All our operations are supplemented with redundancies and back-up mechanisms.

Lower infrastructure investments: Companies that decide to outsource find that expensive infrastructure requirements are cut back drastically as some of the functions move to external locations. At Guru Design Corp we offer all our clients access to Amazon Web Services, the Gold standard in Cloud Computing.

Access to world-class capabilities: Apart from the financial benefits associated, another reason why companies outsource work is to have processes delivered by teams that have operational expertise in the outsourced process. Outsourcing gives companies access to world-class capabilities and infrastructure.

Control operating costs: One of the most spoken about advantages of outsourcing are more controlled development costs. Development work offered to a specialised development house such as Guru Design Corp translates into major cost savings for companies. They also save on operational costs such as payroll, administrative costs, HR, power, rentals and utilities. Improved operational performance: Companies outsource to vendors who have domain expertise in the outsourced process. Their experience in the field translates into greater operational efficiencies for the outsourcing company.
Hiring a developer resource – Its easier than you think.
The needs and concerns of most small business owners are often the same as those of large companies. Unfortunately, many of them cannot afford to hire software developers on a full time basis for short to medium term projects.
It becomes important, therefore, to find a Customer Application Developer partner that can offer the same level of service and support your organisation in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
At Guru Design Corp we offer a range of options for the SME sector that delivers the software development skills that you need for your business growth. We have available small teams of 3-5 developers, larger teams of 10+ developers or just single contractors that you need for a short period to get you over that hump.
From a range of skills including ASP.Net, PHP, JAVA and lots more we can build cross functional teams to design, develop, test and deploy your custom applications. Come talk to us at Guru Design Corp with no commitment. You can hire individuals or teams for as long or as short a time as you need the resource. No contracts and no worries.