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Digital Publishing


“Apple’s Newsstand a Huge Success for Digital Publishers”

We here at Guru Design Corp believe that by 2015 Digital publications will be 75 percent of the market and print publications will become null and void. In order for news papers and magazines to keep up with the new technology it’s a must for them to change the way they do business. With a rapidly changing environment the internet has become the most pervasive tool for creating and disseminating business information.

Guru Design Corp have recognized the internet as the most functional means of improving customer relations and expanding market reach. With the increasing number of smart phones and tablets, everyone wants the news at their finger tips and on the go Guru Design Corp is prepared to deliver this to it’s customers. Guru Design Corp will help it’s customers meet the readers needs through it’s comprehensive suite of E- business solutions. We will custom tailor the product that is right for your business from graphic and web design to Mobil apps to our Digital Publishing. Simply put, our apps work extraordinarily well. Mobile platforms, devices, and carriers all add complexities to creating a workable app. We develop with all of these factors in mind and then test, test, test, and test some more to ensure the quality of the product and, ultimately, the satisfaction of your users.

Guru Designs job for our customers

1. Improve sales and profit.
2. Reach new readers.
3. Gain and reach new Advertisers.
4. Increase transaction volume.
5. Keep your business growing.