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Android Tab

Android Tab

Guru Design Corp Technologies creates intuitive and scalable mobile solutions for brands and agencies across all mobile

Web Development can encompass a broad range of skills & tasks,however in today’s demanding business environment we can offer tailored & flexible digital solution to help our customers drive band recognition & ultimately,increase sales.

Analysis of targeted Business

Comprehensive working knowledge of your business to develop stunning apps

Data Flow and Class Diagrams preparations

Because the life of an amazing app begins with dataflow diagrams…

Analysis of target device family

For efficient and robust applications our professionals conduct a thorough analysis

Android & tab Applications

Google's Android is quite popular than many other mobile Operating systems (OS). The Android OS platform has a lot to offer starting from compatibility, intuitive design and multiple functionality which gave birth to the development of various Android applications. Guru Design Corp can develop amazing applications with perfect blend of designs and Innovative ideas. Our service comprises of data processing, outlining intelligence, and excellent visual display with unique approach.

We offer different range of features using technologies like audio, image & video files , EDGE, GSM, Wi-Fi, CDM – with Touch screen, Video camera, GPS, SQLite for data storage, P2P using Google Talk accelerometer, message passing, Inter-process communication (IPC) Export and signing application.